Love Resolutions

Resolutions should not be reserved for New Year’s alone. Singles like you especially need to make certain “love resolutions” so you can get out of the usual crappy dating cycles. These love resolutions may just be the answers you need to find a brand new perspective on love, relationship and dating:

Break old patterns.

You can’t get out of an awful cycle if you keep doing the things you’ve always done it. If you keep getting into the same fights, you will sure end up with another relationship down the drain. The next time you date, mix things up, change your bad behaviours and attitudes, and have a more positive outlook. The key is to be honest in identifying the patterns that ruin your love life. If you already know you tend to date jobless men, for example, then make an effort to date only men with jobs.

Be at your best.

Face it, attraction starts on the outside. Do yourself a favour and get a makeover. It will do you good to feel great about yourself, and this would reflect on how other people view you. Ask a trusted friend about your attitudes that need adjustment. They will honestly call you out on some of your behaviours that need fixing up. This fresh new outlook and aura will make you an instant mate magnet.

Stay away from unproductive relationships.

Set a limit on dating. If your relationship isn’t progressing, then move on. Three to five months of trial period is long enough to size up where your relationship is headed. If you are stuck in the same place you were the first month you were dating, then it’s time to question whether you still want to make things work or not. If you see no potential for that relationship to grow any further, move on, because you might just be wasting your time. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea.

Re-evaluate your type.

Sometimes your ideal type just isn’t what is planned for you, so try “other” types and expanding your horizons. Don’t limit yourself to a list of qualities. There is more to a person than just his or her looks, height, age, job or income.

Try applying these love resolutions by finding the best dating sites in the UK, and your life and you will sure gain a new perspective in love and relationships. Who knows? You might even be able to land the perfect person to share your life with.